Oregon family vacation

We just got back from our awesome family vacation to Oceanside, Oregon.  We stayed seven nights in the cutest little beach house.  It was a darling four bedroom house with two living areas.  It had an awesome deck with a stunning view! The little town of Oceanside has two restaurants and a coffee shop.  So cute!  Just what we needed.  We wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  It was perfect.  We had breakfast, lunch and dinner out on the deck.  We made all our meals at the house and only went out to eat twice the whole time we were there.  It was great!  My sweet hubby prepared most of the meals so I could get a break.  I even got to read a book in two days.  We had a lot of time to relax.  Jeff and I would switch off with the girls at the beach.  One of us would stay at the house with Sam and the other would be with the girls.  It was wonderful!  The girls and Sam had a blast.  They were so good! 

My sister and her hubby even got to come stay with us for a night.  We had a fun cookout on the beach and had hot dogs and marshmallow's.  It was so fun!  I haven't seen my sister since Thanksgiving of last year.  It's been way to long.  She lives in Seattle, so it's very exciting when I get to spend time with her.  She got to meet my precious Sam for the first time.  He just loved her.  I felt very blessed to have her with me. 

We also went to the Tillamook cheese factory in town.  It was very cool!  They have a free viewing area of the factory, so you can see how they make their cheese.  They have the most wonderful ice cream too.  It was so yummy!  It was really cool to show the girls that this was where our Tillamook cheese comes from.

Then we went to the beautiful, quaint town of Cannon Beach.  This is the beach that I grew up going to with my mama and my sisters.  It's VERY special to me.  We went shopping in town, had a wonderful lunch and spent some time out on the beach.  It was a very fun day.  My girls got to finally see the place that I always talk about.

We also went to a really cool lookout at Cape Mears.  It wasn't to far from the beach house.  It was so beautiful!  It has the most gorgeous views of the Oregon coast.  It's also where sea lions and whales hang out.  We didn't get to see any on our adventure because they are usually there in the spring.  It was very cool!  We loved it.

Other than that, we just hung out at the beach and the beach house.  Jeff and the girls went exploring and found some really cool treasures while Sam took his little naps.  That gave me some time to relax and read.  It was really great to just have time with my little family.  We made a lot of memories that I will never forget. It has been a dream of mine to take my family to the Oregon coast.

I hope you enjoy a few pics of our time together.

 Cute Beach house

 View from the deck at the beach house

 Beautiful town of Oceanside, Oregon

Yummy steak I had when we went to the local restaurant in town

 Cooking hot dogs out on the beach

My girls enjoying dinner on the beach

 Me and my beautiful sister Kristal

 Cheese, cheese, and more cheese

Fun times at the Tillamook Cheese Factory

 Miss Aubrey enjoying her ice cream at the cheese factory

 Love this pic taken at Cannon Beach 

My girls having fun shopping in Cannon Beach

Beautiful Oregon coast

My sweet family

My favorite pic of me and my babies

Awesome family pic my brother in law Steve took

Sweet pic of my blessings

 Amazing pic my hubby took

I'll leave you with this special little pic of my girls

Making memories one day at a time.  More adventures to come...



Aspiring Earth Mama said...

So glad you had a great time! I knew it would be awesome! Glad you're back too. :)

jdmdesignsokc said...

Nice pics, I like the one Jeff took. I think I can hear "The Circle of Life," playing in the background. :-)

Tom said...

Great family vacation =)