Our Branson Family Vacation
July 2012

We had such a wonderful trip to Branson this year!  We wanted to go somewhere close and super fun for the kids!  (and mommy and daddy!)  We stayed in a wonderful hotel that had a great indoor/outdoor pool, huge splash pad, and and huge indoor slide.  We stayed in the Welk Resort Splash-a-torium.  It was great!  It was away from the Branson Strip and close to Silver Dollar City.  It was perfect!  (also very friendly on the budget). 

The hotel had a huge slide.  The girls loved it! 

 Splash Park fun!

One of the highlights of our vacation was Silver Dollar City.  This was little Sam's 1st trip. There was a lot of things to do for every age.  We all had a blast!  It's such a special place.  I love that you feel like you have truly stepped back in time. 

My heart...

We love Fire in the Hole!!!

My favorite meal at Silver Dollar City...Yummo!!!

Umm...yes please!

I just love all of the little signs around this wonderful place...Makes my heart smile.

Love this!  It's rare to see this in an amusement park.

Me and my babies...

Me and my big boy...For those of you that think Sam looks like my hubby, you guys are wrong!  lol!

Another fun pic of me and my babies...I'm such a lucky mama!

Sweet boy loved his first visit to Silver Dollar City!

On the 4th of July we went to Big Cedar Lodge.  This place is amazing!!!! They were having a fireworks show that night so we decided to check it out. 

My sweet kiddo's near the marina at Big Cedar.

Sam was very excited for the fireworks to start.  Lol!

This happened to be the BEST show we have ever seen!  It was about 45 Minutes long and it went to music.  It was awesome!

I decided to slow down my shutter speed and I got some really fun pics!

This was such a fun trip to take with my precious family...I'm truly blessed.

More adventures to come...

My sweet Sammy turned 2!

I can't believe my sweet boy is 2!  We had a fun little family party for him at our house.  His favorite book is "The Hungry Little Caterpillar".  I thought that would be a really cute theme.  I think everything turned our really fun! 

Loved his "cupcake cake"!

We had the biggest sandwich ever! 


I found these great hats at Target and I just glued some pompoms all the way around.  Super cute!

Before: So precious!

After: He's such a funny little guy.

Fun times with Sammy's cousin Grayson.

Crazy cousins!  Love them!


Me and my big boy!

This little man had a blast!

All tuckered out...love this pic of Sam and his daddy.

Happy Birthday sweet boy!  We love you!


Happy Birthday Taylor Marie...

I can't believe my precious baby girl is eight years old!  It seems like yesterday I was rocking my little peanut in my arms.  She has blossomed into such a beautiful, sweet, and tender hearted little lady. 

She had her party at Metro Gymnastics this year.  Everyone had so much fun! 

We did a little bit of this....

and this...

and much more...

The kiddo's played their little hearts out!

and daddy's too!

Taylor's Uncle John had a blast too!  Lol!  Love this pic!!!!

He had fun helping Sammy too!  We love Uncle John!

She had a special cookie cake made just for her. 

Cookies for everyone!  Yummo!

Lol!  love this funny pic!

Her daddy wanted some too!

Sammy loved his cookie!

We love our sweet girl...

Present time!

The daddy's had fun tossing the kiddo's into the pit!

Love this fun pic of Aub's running into the pit.

Sammy had fun with daddy on the bars.

We love our cousins...

Fun times with cousin Bryan!

 Her Papa had fun too!

Sammy had fun with Tay's balloons when we got home...

Sweet pic of Taylor and her daddy...

We love you precious Taylor Marie....Happy 8th birthday!