My precious Taylor Marie turned seven...

I can't believe my baby is now seven!  I remember the day she was born, like it was yesterday.  My darling Taylor was three weeks early and weighed only 6lbs.  She was my tiny little peanut.  We had know idea what we were doing and were scared to death!  Now, seven years later we have a beautiful little lady that fills our hearts everyday with sweetness.

We had planned to have Taylor's birthday party at the Express Clydesdale's farm in Yukon, but the weather did not cooperate with us.  With all the snow and super cold weather, we had to go to plan B.  So, we decided to have the party at our house.  Taylor took the news pretty good.  She was just super excited that her friends from church, school, family, and her cousins were going to be there.  She had a great time!  We had some yummy cupcakes with little boots on them.  So cute!  She had a really fun horse pinata that poor uncle John had to hold for us!   It was really funny!  I'm really surprised neither our TV or John got hit.  I took a lot of fun pics.


My big seven year old!

Taylor wanted to go out to "cheese sauce" for dinner for her birthday.  My grandparents and her Papa met us at our favorite mexican resteraunt.  Meme wasn't feeling good, so she couldn't make it.  We had a nice dinner and more presents.  The resteraunt brought Taylor and my Papaw a special birthday dessert.  My grandpa's birthday is the day before Taylor's.  He was 96 on the 6th of Feburary.  I'm so greatful they share such close birthdays.  I took a few pics of our family time.

Happy Birthday Taylor!

Yummy cheese sauce

Sweet Sam enjoyed his mexican food too!

Miss Aub's enjoying her dinner

Love this pic of Aubrey an Papa

Happy girl!
Birthday dessert!  Yum!

Taylor and her Papaw.  So sweet!

I had to sneek a pic with my precious Papaw

Gram and the birthday girl

 Me and my sweets!

Daddy's girl...
Enjoy each precious day with your little ones!  They grow so fast!